May 4, 1955

‘IDEA’ MOVEMENT: The Liberal Democratic Union parliamentary deputies messrs Mitsotakis, Maris and Grigoriou have asked the defense minister to table in Parliament the service files of eight senior officers, namely the lieutenant generals Kourouklis, Pipiliagopoulos and Karavias, brigadiers Papathanassiou, Hadzitheodorou and Skouroyiannis, and colonels Diamantopoulos and Lyberopoulos. Their question makes reference to the recent promotions of officers that they claim «indicate that the (Papagos) government is bound by the IDEA (group) and that in many cases it had asked for the retirement of many able officers.» OLYMPEIO SQUARE: (From a commentary by Angelos G. Prokopiou) «I had once suggested in Kathimerini (October 13, 1950) that this square should be landscaped, centered around the imposing Roman temple of Olympus Zeus, as a large square for ceremonies and parades. (…) The space could easily fit 500,000 spectators and the Monument to the Unknown Soldier could be moved there. The space is also close to Syngrou Avenue and would constitute an imposing arena for welcoming foreigners into the city.