ND show-offs’ ambitions

A few days ago, Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis instructed his ministers to work more and talk less. He was obliged to do so, since some of them would apparently prefer to waste energy arguing with their fellow Cabinet members instead of improving their own job performances. This practice has slowed the government’s work and spawned «reliable reports» in the media about what the ruling party is currently up to, and what it is likely to do in the near future. The prime minister is well aware that cohesiveness has not been his New Democracy government’s strong point, and he understands the depth of his government’s operational problems, as well as their causes. If he has indeed decided to rein in certain members of his government, it will be interesting to see what the immediate results of that decision will be. It would also benefit both the prime minister and his government to persuade a few select officials in the party that their coziness with the media will not serve to ensure them a brilliant political future. These ambitious but naive conservative politicians are carbon copies of their predecessors in the main opposition PASOK party. They have obviously not realized that the representatives of the «entangled» business, media and political interests that the government has declared war on only want obedient, vulnerable and disposable political lackeys who serve them. These interests do not want to further the careers of important politicians. In what remains of this crucial year for the government, the prime minister will personally have to coordinate its work in order to produce swift results. Karamanlis must deal quickly and effectively with any problems caused by these very few spoiled New Democracy officials who make headlines for their ambitions, not their work.