May 13, 1955

THE CROWN, NATIONAL CAPITAL: The leader of the Liberal Party, Mr George Papandreou, made the following statements yesterday: «The Liberal Democrat Union newspaper said yesterday that its leader, Mr Sophocles Venizelos, in closing the debate at yesterday’s party meeting, said that ‘(Papandreou’s) proposal for the resignation of parliamentary deputies (in order to hold by-elections) was a slight against the Crown.’ I ask Mr Venizelos to retract his words. The Crown, which the entire Greek nation looks up to, is an inestimable national treasure that must remain unsullied. The proposal to hold by-elections has never been, nor could it be, a slight against the Crown.» GREEK PHOTOGRAPHERS: The Greek Photographers’ Association has announced its annual competition for monochrome photographs for amateur photographers who are members of the association. (…) The entries will be judged by a committee consisting of Yiannis Moralis, Angelos Prokopiou, D. Yiannoukakis, C. Evelpidis and the photograhers S. Meletzis, Voula Papaioannou, D. Patridis, A. Hadziaristeidis, and E. Acheilas.