May 14, 1955

ACADEMY’S NEW MEMBERS: During yesterdayãs plenary session of the Athens Academy the following were elected new members in their respective sectors: Mr Ioannis Xanthakis, natural sciences; Mr Maximos Mitsopoulos, natural history; Mr Panayiotis Bratsiotis, theology; Mr Ioannis Spyropoulos, law; and Mr Spyros Marinatos, archaeology. These new members of the Academy will assume their duties once their election has been ratified by the publication of a Royal Decree. THESSALONIKI SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA: This Sunday (May 15) at 11 a.m. there will be concert by the Symphony Orchestra of Thessaloniki Radio Station, conducted by Mr P. Economidis, at Thessaloniki’s Royal Theater. Guest soloist will be Greek pianist Maria Hairogeorgou-Sigara. BERTHA SCHLEGEL: A Swiss professor who has trained with an throat specialist in Paris specializes in vocal training and corrects the tired voices of singers and speakers, as well as helping to cure stuttering. She also teaches concert and opera repertory. Her studio is at 34 Agorakritou Street.