May 21, 1955

CHRISTOS KAROUZOS: During yesterday’s plenary session of the Athens Academy, Christos Karouzos, who is director of the National Archaeological Museum, was elected a member of the academy in the Order of Letters and Fine Arts. Karouzos is to hold the chair of the Archaeology Department. SOFIA ANTONIADOU: Mrs Sofia Antoniadou, currently professor at Leyden University in the Netherlands, has been appointed to the post of director of the Institute of Byzantine Studies in Venice. WORK ON PHILOPAPPOU, ACROPOLIS: King Pavlos, accompanied by Minister for Transport and Public Works Constantine Karamanlis, (…) went to the Acropolis and nearby Philopappou Hill yesterday afternoon and inspected the restoration work that is under way there. (…) Upon his departure from the site, the king expressed his satisfaction to Mr Karamanlis, after visiting the chapel of Aghios Dimitrios Lombardiaris on Philopappou Hill. King Pavlos was briefed on the work being done to restore both the chapel itself as well as the surrounding landscape.