May 26, 1955

GEORGIOS P. RALLIS: The minister to the prime minister, Mr Georgios Rallis, speaking in a radio interview yesterday, referred to three of the Papagos government’s recent achievements, the first of which are the increases in cotton production and the imminent start of the Megdova works and the petroleum refinery. Drawing attention to the importance of these projects for the country’s economy and in improving the people’s quality of life, Mr Rallis sharply criticized the opposition for accusing the government of abandoning Greece’s farmers. ‘GREECE’S NASSER:’ The following is an excerpt from a debate in Parliament in response to a question tabled by Constantine Mitsotakis. «The deputy G. Grigoriou, referring to the IDEA (military officer’s movement), said that this group was led by a tripartite committee. Within IDEA, he said, there were three trends: 1) The most active, which included a person who has ambitions of becoming Greece’s Nasser [Ed note: An obvious reference to Georgios Papadopoulos, who later led the April 21, 1967 coup.]; 2) that which does not have such a clear view of the situation; and 3) that which, in the event of the fall of the Greek Rally party, is ready to work with their successors.»