Olympic opportunities

As a Greek who was born outside Greece and lives abroad, I can’t help still noticing the positive impact of the Olympic Games. While in Beijing last December, I walked into the National Art Gallery in Tiananmen Square and was surprised to find an exhibition on the Greek Olympic Games. The history of the Ancient Olympics was portrayed completely, with models, slides and pictures. Of course, it creates mixed feelings to walk into a Beijing art gallery and find «Greek Culture and History» being projected. As if one surprise regarding the Games was not enough, I was then pleasantly surprised while trying to hold a conversation with a souvenir seller. Usually these people do not speak a word of English, but ask where you are from. If you say «Greece,» they don’t respond. If you say «Athens,» they beam and say, «Ooh, Olympic Games very good.» Next was the taxi driver who knew about Greece now and even said, «Greece small country, but very strong.» In all, this made me think how this could all be used by the Greek business sector. Businesses should take advantage of this «Olympic window of opportunity» and promote Greek products and interests. This is an opportunity which will last for the next few years. EMMANUEL G. PETRAKAKIS, Maputo, Mozambique.