May 30, 1955

PERONISM AND THE CHURCH: Buenos Aires, May 27 – For some time now, the atmosphere in Argentina has been particularly tense as a result of the conflict between President Juan Domingo Peron and the Catholic Church which has been persistently objecting to his plans. According to news bulletins, 11 clerics and 30 members of the laity have been arrested in raids for actions against the regime, particularly for distributing printed material and taking part in demonstrations against President Peron with the aim of perpetuating the differences between the state and the Church. Meanwhile the press in Buenos Aires (at least that sector that supports President Peron) has strongly criticized the Catholic agitators. The newspaper Democracia in particular accused the clerics of trying to create trouble on the anniversary of Argentina’s uprising against Spanish rule. GREECE – LATIN AMERICA: Washington, May 26 – The governments of Greece and 13 Latin American states have signed a protocol agreement to establish an international economic organization that will be a chapter of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).