August 4, 1955

GREECE-ALBANIA: The Greek government has sent its reply to UN Secretary-General Dag Hammerskold regarding a proposal by Albania to resume diplomatic relations with Greece. The creation of an atmosphere of trust and evidence of good will on the part of Albania are the basic conditions for resuming normal relations between the two nations. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mr Stephanos Stephanopoulos announced that in its reply to the UN, the Greek government said that (…) Albania will have to show its good faith by returning the hostages it took during the war against the outlaws and stop sending (to Greece) the agents of international communism. (…) Finally, he added that the existing state of war should be settled by an international act resolving pending issues, as occurred with the other countries that fought on the side of fascism. Albania’s claim that it has been recognized as an Allied country during World War II is rejected as completely inaccurate, since Albania neither participated in the peace conference of 1946 along with the other Allies, nor did it sign the peace treaty with Italy.