August 2-5, 1955

MARCH AGAINST ‘ANTI-TERRORIST’ LAWS: Nicosia, 2 – This evening right-wing groups held a protest march through the streets of Nicosia carrying placards with slogans against the «anti-terrorist» laws. (…) In Nicosia, the general secretary of the leftist unions, Andreas Ziartidis, addressed a rally, stating that «the anti-terrorist law is not only against EOKA (National Organization of Cypriot Fighters), but against every Cypriot people’s movement.» KILLED IN RIMINI: Some 76 coffins were unloaded from the passenger ship Miaoulis which arrived in Piraeus yesterday. The coffins contained the remains of 29 officers, including those of General Rogakos, 28 conscripts, seven seamen and 12 others who died while fighting heroically in the legendary battle of the Rimini brigade in Italy. THEATRICAL EXCESSES: The deputy minister to the prime minister has made the following statement in response to reports regarding the Committee for the Control of Theatrical Works: «We have received complaints against excesses observed in certain theatrical revues… both from the Interior Ministry, which has passed on police reports indicating that these excesses could provoke disturbances of the peace, and from the public.