August 19, 1955

INITIATIVE BY KARAMANLIS: The Papagos government unanimously decided yesterday on the policy it will follow in dealing with the issue that has emerged with the Siemens firm. The government has decided to try to back out of its commitment to the Germany government for the supply of telecommunications equipment from Siemens, and to hold an international tender. The decision was taken at yesterday’s meeting of the Coordinating Council, which was addressed at length by Transport and Communications Minister Constantine Karamanlis, who explained that developments in the Siemens case dictated that the Greek government should try to disengage itself (Ed note: from the agreement reached between Spyros Markezinis and Dr Ludwig Erhardt) and then hold an international tender. Karamanlis said that if the contract with Siemens was signed as is, it would be open to misinterpretation and criticism. Minister for Coordination Mr Panayis Papaligouras was authorized to contact the German Charge d’Affaires to explain why Greece wished to be released from its commitment.