August 30, 1955

TRIPARTITE CONFERENCE ON CYPRUS: London, 29 – Today’s first session of the Tripartite Conference on Cyprus (with Greece, Britain and Turkey) lasted for an hour and a half… As mentioned in the announcement released afterward, the Greek deputy prime minister and foreign minister, Mr Stefanos Stefanopoulos, said: «The government accepted the invitation (from Britain) because it sincerely hopes the London conference will be fruitful and have the potential to satisfy the three countries represented, which have been linked for such a long time by bonds of friendship and alliances. (Ed. note: This was nine days before vandals attacked Greek properties in Istanbul and Izmir.) KING PAUL: The leader of the Liberal Democratic Union, Mr Sophocles Venizelos, was received by the king yesterday afternoon. Mr Venizelos informed the king of his party’s views on the general domestic and foreign situation and submitted a relevant memorandum. (Ed. note: The prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, was unable to carry out his duties due to a serious illness.)