FEBRUARY 5, 1952

FOOD MARKET: The food markets in Athens, Piraeus and suburbs were supplied with large quantities of basic foodstuffs this past week. The only shortage was of fresh fish, which is being sold at higher prices on the black market, frozen meat and potatoes. REMOVAL OF KITRILAKIS I: The removal of Lt Gen Kitrilakis from his post as General Inspector of the Army (on January 28, 1951) came as no surprise to anyone. (…) Only those who are in complete ignorance of the government’s scheming would not have realized that Kitrilakis, one of the protagonists in the victory against the rebel movement and one of the most distinguished personalities in the Greek army, would be removed since he was not willing to become an agent of the government’s aims. (…) REMOVAL OF KITRILAKIS II: It appears that the populace was waiting for Kitrilakis’s removal, according to a jubilant Prime Minister Nikolaos Plastiras, in a speech he gave this morning: «(…) Kitrilakis’s removal is a positive achievement in the struggle the nation is waging against a conspiracy against the throne and the people’s freedom (…).» SOFIA – Bulgaria’s right-wing opposition tabled a no-confidence motion yesterday in Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s government, although it stands little chance of success, given the government’s comfortable majority. The motion, which will be voted on later this week, is the first such challenge to Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s government, which stormed to victory in the general elections last June. But the motion seems doomed to failure as the government holds 141 of 240 parliamentary seats, and a left-wing opposition party which has 48 deputies has said it will back the government. The former ruling United Democratic Forces (UDF), which holds 51 seats, tabled the motion in protest over medicine prices, which have shot up by 20 percent after VAT was introduced, its leader Ekaterina Mikhailova said. (AFP)