September 1, 1955

CYPRIOTS’ SELF-DETERMINATION: London, August 31 – The third session of the Tripartite Conference on Cyprus today was fully taken up with the speech by Greek Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mr Stephanos Stephanopoulos, who clearly set out the Greek view on the issue. The details of the Greek minister’s speech were not made known, as had been agreed; nevertheless, according to reliable sources, Mr Stephanopoulos emphasized that the only satisfactory solution to the problem of Cyprus was recognition of its people’s right to self-determination and the implementation of this within the near future. TURKISH THREATS: Ankara, August 31 – Ankara radio, in a commentary on the victory against the Greeks in 1922, mentioned a proclamation by Prime Minister Adnan Menderes that «Cyprus is above all Turkish and those who do not understand that are endangering themselves and the cause of peace.» OLYMPIAKOS-AEK: The first game in the September cup between Olympiakos and AEK was played at the Panathianikos stadium last night. AEK won 2-1.