September 2, 1955

PAPAGOS’S ILLNESS: Following the arrival of Dr Rene Moreau, a professor of internal medicine at Paris University, who was called by the family of the prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, the prime minister’s family issued the following medical bulletin regarding his condition: «From the satisfactory results of the recent laboratory tests and clinical examination of Field Marshal Papagos, there was found to be no pathological condition due to any malignancy of the digestive or any other system. The treatment of the past four months will continue in order to hasten the patient’s recovery. His general condition provides hope of a good prognosis and a complete recovery.» SORBONNE GROUP: Last Sunday evening a performance of Aeschylus’ «Persians» was staged at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus by the French students’ association of the Sorbonne. Before the performance, Mr Alain Marillon, head of the association, addressed the audience. KING PAVLOS: The leader of the Liberal Democratic Union, Mr Sophocles Venizelos, was received by the king yesterday afternoon.