September 3, 1955

KARAMANLIS HEADS FOR PREMIERSHIP: The minister for public works and transport, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, has announced the schedule for several public works projects for the financial year 1955-1956. For irrigation works, 197.7 million drachmas are to be allocated, 129.8 million more than last year. (…) Flood protection works on the Evros, Axios, Aliakmonas and Acheloos rivers and in the plains of Thessaly, Serres, Epirus and Nestos are the largest land improvement works ever undertaken by the Greek State. (…) Since 1953, 483 million drachmas has been spent on roadwork, not counting projects in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, which are financed from special funds. TERRORISM IN CYPRUS: Nicosia, 2 – The British authorities on Cyprus are continuing their reign of terror against the Cypriot people with fresh arrests today of nine Cypriots, bringing the total to 82. ALBANIAN MEASURES: Ioannina, 2 – Strong floodlights, which monitor passing craft throughout the night, have been installed along the northeastern coast of the strait of Corfu occupied by Albanians.