September 6, 1955

BEFORE THE VANDALISM: London, 5 – In view of tomorrow’s resumption of the tripartite conference (between Greece, Turkey and Britain) on the Cyprus issue and following the events of last weekend (September 3-4), it could now be said that only a deus ex machina could save the conference from complete collapse. (…) In an announcement to the press, Turkish Foreign Minister Mr Fatim Zorlu warned Greece that it «had to choose between friendship with Turkey and persistence with its demand of union with Cyprus.» (…) Asked to comment on the proposal that Greece and Turkey should join with Great Britain in the defense of Cyprus, Foreign Minister Zorlu said: «Cyprus is very far from mainland Greece. Therefore, the latter should focus its limited defense capabilities on defending its own territory, including Western Thrace. That is where the true defense cooperation between Greece and Turkey should take place.» He added: «During the last war, Greece did not even manage to defend Crete.» PIERRE MENDES-FRANCE: The French prime minister, Mr Pierre Mendes-France, arrived in Athens yesterday with his wife and visited the Acropolis.