September 7, 1955

VANDALISM: Istanbul, 6 – There were violent anti-Greek demonstrations here this evening. Thousands of young Turks, waving clubs and iron bars and waving Turkish flags, sacked and looted Greek shops and cars «in revenge» for an attempt to blow up the Turkish Consulate in Thessaloniki. Turks threw shop furniture and goods into the streets and set them on fire, while tens of thousands of other Turks gathered in the streets or at windows to cheer on the «heroic» criminals. IN IZMIR: A Greek government representative announced late this evening that based on reliable reports from Izmir, from 7.10 p.m. until after 11 p.m. there were anti-Greek demonstrations in the town. According to confirmed reports, the crowd set fire to the Greek stand at the Izmir Exhibition and headed toward the Greek Consulate, which they set fire to later. TURKISH CONSULATE: Thessaloniki, 6 – The attack on the Turkish Consulate in Thessaloniki was definitely the work of foreigners. MESSAGE FROM DIGENES: The legendary leader of the EOKA group, Digenes (Ed. note: General Georgios Grivas), has sent a message to all Greeks that the Cypriot people have taken a sacred oath and are determined to live freely or else launch a holocaust.