September 12, 1955

AMERICAN STANCE: (Front-page commentary in Kathimerini): «Although the flames from Christian churches burning in Istanbul and Izmir have shed plenty of light on the situation in the eastern Mediterranean, the US State Department does not appear to have realized what the situation is nor how many risks it entails for us but, above all, the interests of its own country.» GENERALS CHARGED: Paris, 10 – Amid attempts to repair and tidy up the results of vandalism (of ethnic Greeks’ property) in Istanbul, the Turkish government of Adnan Menderes is seeking its scapegoats for the crimes committed by fanatical and unbridled hordes. The Defense Ministry has suspended the three generals who were in positions of responsibility on the day of the outbreak of violence in Istanbul. (Ed. note: Following the military coup of 1960, the Turkish generals sent Menderes to the gallows in 1961 on charges of responsibility for the vandalism of 1955.) AMERICAN PRAISE: Yesterday afternoon the US charge d’affaires in Athens visited with Deputy Prime Minister Mr Panayiotis Kanellopoulos and expressed the «deep satisfaction over the exemplary calm the Greek people maintained in view of the recent anti-Greek incidents in Turkey.»