September 15, 1955

INONU ON VANDALISM: London, 14 – Ankara radio has reported a very brief summary of the debate in the Turkish Parliament regarding the vandalism perpetrated against the Greek communities in Istanbul and Izmir. The leader of the People’s Party, Mr Ismet Inonu, expressed his regret at the events, but claimed that the attacks «against our innocent fellow citizens» were planned and well organized, but had… «cast a smear on Turkish civilization.» NO SUPPORT: (From an editorial in Kathimerini titled «For shame»): «It has been a week since the night of terrible violence in Istanbul and Izmir and in those seven days not one voice has been raised in the outside world, the world of culture and Christianity, that the events were a disgrace to humanity. When the Americans were not silent, they had their newspapers tell us that it was our fault that the Turks behaved like wolves toward the defenseless Greeks. The main culprits, the British, told us that while they regretted the events, it was because the Cyprus issue had led to fanaticism. NATO heard the Greek protest and went back to sleep.»