September 23, 1955

RECOURSE TO UN: New York, 21 – Following heavy pressure from the US, the concept of freedom of peoples was suppressed at the United Nations, when the General Assembly committee did not accept Greece’s petition on the Cyprus issue. Those countries who voted in favor of the Greek proposal were Egypt, Mexico, the Soviet Union and Poland. Against it were ranged the US, Great Britain, France, New Zealand, Norway, Luxembourg and Chile. Ethiopia, Haiti, Chian (Taiwan) and Thailand abstained from the vote. ANGRY EDITORIAL: «(…) The Greek people yesterday learned that the so-called ‘United Nations’ is a sham. And that they HAVE NO FRIENDS. Or at least, those whom they thought were friends. (…) On the part of the political world we now need a consensus and approval of a foreign policy which will be a policy for Greece, because up until now it has been a policy for NATO, Washington and London. (…) The British stopped being our allies a long time ago. The Americans should also be told that they can no longer be counted among our friends.»