September 27, 1955

CYPRUS VS CHINA: London, 14 – Red China’s seat at the United Nations for Cyprus! This amazing exchange (…) was revealed today in major provincial daily The Scotsman. The newspaper’s diplomatic correspondent said the information had been confirmed by diplomatic circles in London. According to the report, Britain has agreed to support the US in its efforts to exclude Communist China from the UN, in exchange for US support for Britain’s attempt to reject the Greek request to have the Cyprus issue debated at the UN. Britain had been willing to support China’s entry to the UN, but it was told that if it did so, it could not count on the US’s support on the Cyprus issue. FIELD MARSHAL HARDING: London, 26 – Britain yesterday showed its determination to suppress the national movement to liberate Cyprus from the British colonial yoke. The Ministry for Colonies issued an official announcement that Field Marshal Sir John Harding has been appointed governor of Cyprus and commander-in-chief of the British forces in Cyprus, replacing Sir Robert Perceval Armitage.