September 27, 1955

STEPHANOS STEPHANOPOULOS: United Nations, 26 – Greece’s deputy prime minister and foreign minister, Mr Stephanos Stephanopoulos, said in his address to the UN General Assembly: «We are greatly concerned at the appointment of Field Marshal Sir John Harding as governor of Cyprus and his mission to carry out a campaign of annihilation against those whom the British government calls anti-British terrorists. The United Kingdom, now that it has side-stepped the obstacle fo the United Nations, has embarked on a war against the people of Cyprus.» (Ed. note: A few days earlier the UN had rejected a recourse by Greece on the Cyprus issue.) PRESSURE FOR ELECTIONS: The opposition parties joined forces last night in an attempt to force King Paul to grant their request (due to the serious illness of the prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos) to dissolve Parliament and form a caretaker government in order to hold elections. The only faction not to participate in this move was the Progressives Party led by Mr Spyros Markezinis.