September 29, 1955

PASSIVE RESISTANCE: Nicosia, 27 – Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus chaired a meeting of the National Council yesterday evening, after which the following announcement was made: «(…) The members of the National Council, having heard a recommendation by His Grace, decided that, as an initial step toward dealing with the current situation, the municipal authorities in country areas should resign.» DYNAMIC RESISTANCE: London, 27 – The EOKA resistance organization has distributed a pamphlet in Cyprus, in English, proclaiming that it would «ignore the appeal for passive resistance issued by our archbishop and would respond to violence with violence.» MASS ACTION: Nicosia, 27 – After Cypriot demonstrators threw stones at the British police headquarters in Limassol, the army opened fire and injured a 16-year-old Cypriot youth, Andreas Georgiou. TURKEY AND CYPRUS: Nicosia, 23 – «There is no longer any question of Cyprus uniting with Greece. Turkey is determined, in the event that Great Britain withdraws from Cyprus, to occupy it at any cost,» said Turkish-Cypriot leader Fadil Kucuk.