September 30, 1955

GREECE-USA: New York, 28 (From our correspondent) – According to reliable US sources, Greece’s reaction to the US State Department’s recent anti-Greek policy – that is, the strong stand taken by the Greek government, politicians and people – has impressed the US officials who admit they did not expect such a response. However, they consider it certain that Greece’s morale will decline and fall in line with the State Department’s recommendations. There was especial concern at Greece’s decision not to take part in NATO exercises and the possibility that it could withdraw from NATO altogether. This has created a difficult position for the pro-Turkish lobby that is supposedly behind the drafting of a message from Secretary of State John Foster Dulles to Prime Minister Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos. WITHDRAWAL FROM EXERCISES: According to an official announcement, the government has decided that the Greek armed forces will not take part in the NATO «Silver River» air and sea exercises. MASS ACTION: Nicosia, 27 – After Cypriot demonstrators threw stones at the British police headquarters in Limassol, the army opened fire and injured a 16-year-old Cypriot youth, Andreas Georgiou.