October 8, 1955

GREEK RALLY PARTY: The (ruling) Greek Rally party and the concord between all its members was confirmed at yesterday’s general assembly. The 190 parliamentary deputies present – the other 14 were absent due to unforeseen circumstances – unanimously decided to set up a five-member administrative committee comprising the prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, the two deputy prime ministers of the previous government, Messrs. Panayiotis Kanellopoulos and Stephanos Stephanopoulos, former prime minister Emmanouil Tsouderos and Parliament Speaker Constantinos Rodopoulos, to set up the organization of the party as a basis for electing the permanent leadership. In order to confirm this unity, a vote of confidence in the government was held in Parliament. GEORGIOS I. RALLIS: Minister to the Prime Minister Mr Georgios Rallis, speaking to Greek Rally party deputies, said, «The prime minister has asked me to announce that for reasons of discretion and because an issue regarding the government was to be discussed, he did not want to attend this evening’s debate.»