October 10, 1955

OPPOSITION: The opposition parties, which make up a little less than a third of the House, have already decided to vote against the government of Constantine Karamanlis after he presents his government’s platform in Parliament. These comprise Spyros Markezinis’s Progressives Party, Sophocles Venizelos’s Liberal Democratic Union, Georgios Papandreou’s Liberals’ Party, the National Political Center Union, the four deputies of the Democratic Party led by Alexandros Svolos and Georgios Kartalis, and perhaps the Farmers’ Party, led by Alexandros Baltatzis. UNITED DEMOCRATIC LEFT: The administrative committee of the United Democratic Left (EDA) has announced that, if the government does not call elections, all the opposition deputies would resign. GEORGIOS I. RALLIS: Minister to the prime minister, Mr Georgios Rallis, speaking to Greek Rally party deputies, said, «The prime minister has asked me to announce that, for reasons of discretion, he did not want to attend this evening’s debate.» CHEKHOV-KOUN-KALLERGIS: Karolos Koun’s Art Theater begins performances tomorrow of Anton Chekhov’s «Cherry Orchard» in a translation by Mr Lykourgos Kallergis.