October 12, 1955

ALL POWERS TO HARDING: Paris, 11 – The situation in Cyprus has reached crisis point. Negotiations between the commander of the British forces on the island, Field Marshal Sir John Harding, and the ethnarch, Archbishop Makarios, have broken off following London’s rejection of the latter’s proposals. Field Marshal Harding has personally taken responsibility for security on the island, with all powers concentrated in his hands, while reinforcements are being sent from Britain to help put down the national liberation movement. Prospects are dim for the immediate future under this military official whose previous experience was in Africa against an unarmed population, where methods which he is perhaps intending to use again in Cyprus were employed. SCHILLER: The National Theater Organization, Athens Royal Theater. Today, Wednesday, October 12, 8.30 p. m., «Mary Stuart» by Friedrich Schiller. Translated by T. Stavrou, directed by A. Solomos. Cast: Vasso Manolidou in the title role, Mary Aroni as Elizabeth, C. Kalogerikou, E. Nenedaki, G. Papas, G. Glinos.