October 13, 1955

VOTE OF CONFIDENCE: The results of yesterday’s vote in Parliament surpassed even the most optimistic forecast. Out of the total 298 deputies, with 279 present, the government of Mr Constantine Karamanlis gained 200 votes. Votes against totalled 77, with two abstentions. The entire Greek Rally party voted for the government with the exception of Messrs Stefanos Stefanopoulos and Christos Zalokostas, who were not present. PRIME MINISTER’S STATEMENT: The prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, made the following statement after the vote: «I am absolutely satisfied both with the result of the vote and the apparent unity of the majority. The government will do everything possible to live up to the confidence shown in it by the National House of Representatives.» MARKEZINIS: After the end of yesterday’s vote, the leader of the Progressives’ Party, Mr Spyros Markezinis said: «Mr Karamanlis’s silence on the Cypriot people’s right of self-determination was mentioned by the entire opposition as at best an unjustified omission. However, the fact that the prime minister avoided making any clarifications on the issue gives rise to serious concern that the omission was not coincidental.»