October 15, 1955

KARAMANLIS AND THE AMERICANS: Yesterday evening, US Ambassador in Athens Mr Cavendish Cannon wrote to the prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, informing him that the US government was willing to provide, when necessary, material aid for the relief of the flood victims. In reply, Mr Karamanlis thanked the US ambassador for the offer and said that the cost of caring for the flood victims would be borne by the Greek government. FLOODING: A total of 27 people have drowned in the floods in Volos. Another 23 people were injured and three are missing. CYPRUS: Nicosia, 14 – The Cypriot people’s reply to their rulers is continuing despite the emergency measures taken by Sir John Harding and the arrival of reinforcements. Some demonstrators threw stones at a car belonging to Major General Stephenson, the senior Royal Air Force official in the Middle East as it was crossing a bridge in Nicosia during the night, breaking its windows. Stephenson was not in the car at the time. Residents of the village of Rizokarpaso threw stones at British commandos.