October 18, 1955

KARAMANLIS AND NATO: Paris, 17 – A new complication has entered Greece’s relations with NATO (Ed. note: Constantine Karamanlis had been prime minister for just 12 days), arising from the fact that the NATO Atlantic Military Academy commander informed the organization’s General Secretariat today that a decision had been made to cancel a visit to Greece by postgraduate officers from 15 NATO member states. The visit, which was to take place on October 26, had been scheduled before the recent acts of violence against Greeks in Turkey. NATO officials said the cancellation of the visit followed an official announcement by the Greek government stating that the presence of Turkish officers in Greece and Greek officers in Turkey was considered inappropriate and undesirable at this stage. DIMITRIOS MAXIMOS: Mr Dimitrios E. Maximos, one of the country’s most brilliant economists who has served his country well both as an economist and a politician – he had been both foreign minister and prime minister – died the day before yesterday at the age of 82.