October 19, 1955

KARAMANLIS AND ALLIES: Judging from the recent decision to cancel a visit to Greece by NATO officers following a recommendation from Athens and from statements made by Foreign Minister Mr Spyros Theotokis to the New York Times correspondent in Athens, it appears that the government of Mr Constantine Karamanlis is demanding full satisfaction from Turkey. The chief objective of Mr Theotokis’s visit to Turkey (Ed. note: where NATO had its headquarters at the time) was to brief the alliance’s officials on the general feeling that prevails among the Greek public against the governments of Britain, the USA and Turkey because of the violent acts committed against the Greeks in Istanbul and Izmir. VOURLA FUGITIVES CONVICTED: A Piraeus court issued a ruling yesterday evening in the case of a mass breakout from the Vourla court prison by 27 communists, who were later recaptured. Six prison guards were convicted of negligence and sentenced to terms of 4-12 months each. Twenty-three of the fugitives were sentenced to two years’ imprisonment.