The TV we deserve?

It has been said countless times: A nation gets the politicians it deserves; perhaps it also gets the television it deserves, although it is difficult to ascertain whether TV channels are giving the people what they want or if they are imposing their own agenda upon the viewers who eventually absorb whatever it is they are fed. Those who counter that citizens are free to choose whichever channel or program they want are only theoretically right, as the reality is that most TV channels have succumbed to the temptation of sensationalizing all their programs, even the news. We would be kidding ourselves if we were to insist that the only goal of the media is to inform and entertain viewers and that there are no behind-the-scenes agreements with politicians. Greece is a very small country where everyone knows each other. Precisely for this reason, we are well aware of the fact that the political world has an extremely active role, in terms of seeking support (obviously in exchange for certain favors) and gaining the recognizability they crave by clinching broad enough coverage. And if one is forced to accept that this is the nature of the game, then at least this should be a game that is subject to some basic rules and conditions.