October 22, 1955

CAVENDISH CANNON: During a dinner yesterday evening given by the Propellor Club of Piraeus, US Ambassador to Greece Mr Cavendish Cannon talked about the US’s stance toward Greece. He said the conclusion that the US was «neglecting» its faithful friends in Greece was groundless, as was the idea that it was turning its attention toward another region. He said it should be kept in mind that the US would always put great spiritual, moral and human value on its relations with the Greek people. Accusations of «materialism» and selfish interests were superficial, he said. Mr Cannon’s speech closed with the assurance of his deep faith in the Greek people’s «common sense.» YIANNIS TSAROUCHIS: (From a letter regarding the restoration work on the Athens University building): «…The impression one gains from the university is that of a person who is wearing a rain hat, a collar and bow tie, but otherwise shabby clothes. Yours truly, Yiannis Tsarouchis.» KAZANTZAKIS AND NOBEL: Stockholm, 20 (AFP) – Many names have been suggested for the Nobel Prize in literature, including that of Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis.