Letter to the Editor

The article titled ‘Turkey reassessing Iran’ by Burak Bekdil, published in your newspaper on Tuesday October 11, presented an incorrect analysis of nuclear activities in Iran. The nuclear program of the Islamic Republic of Iran is completely peaceful and designed to fulfill the country’s needs given its limitations in fossil resources of energy, the need for alternative sources of energy and also for the scientific use of nuclear technology in the development of other sciences like medicine and agriculture. Developing weapons of mass destruction has no place in the defense doctrine of our country. Furthermore, as it is against Islamic beliefs and values, the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran has declared it as a religiously forbidden activity. All the nuclear activities of our country are transparent and are in the framework of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty (NPT), its additional protocol and the regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). In this regard, in addition to the installation of IAEA cameras in all nuclear facilities there have been 1,200 inspections by IAEA officials so far. This level of cooperation ranks highly in the history of the IAEA’s operation. The Islamic Republic of Iran has also delivered a 1,020-page report of its nuclear activities to the IAEA which is proof that this program is peaceful. Talks with three European countries – Britain, France and Germany – were mainly for confidence-building and removing any concerns in the international community about this program but also to emphasize our country’s vested right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy within the framework of NPT. The Islamic Republic of Iran is still willing to continue these talks and cooperation. Access to peaceful nuclear technology – based on the efforts of Iranian scientists – has become a national need and our people regard and support it as a symbol of national pride and dignity. No country has come under threat from Iran for decades. Our country’s policies are always based on the establishment of peace and security in the region and friendly relations with other countries. Along this line, the Islamic Republic of Iran has done its best through regional cooperation and established friendly relations with its neighbors including Turkey – a relationship which is MOHSEN DANESHMAND, Iranian Embassy, Athens.