October 25, 1955

TURKISH HONORS: Izmir, 24 – Both the Athens News Agency and foreign wire service correspondents in Turkey report that this was a dark day for the entire Turkish nation. A sense of national humiliation prevails in Izmir and the rest of Turkey in view of a ceremony to honor the Greek flag, which had been insulted by a Turkish mob on the night of September 7, 1955. The Turkish nation was obliged to compensate for the insult against the Greek flag by paying it the tribute internationally recognized for cases such as these. The participation of politicians and military dignitaries, headed by a member of the Turkish government, the transport minister, Mr Tsaousoglu, symbolized the bitter regret of the entire Turkish nation. Weeping and humiliated, the Turkish people watched the ceremony that was a hard blow for them. It must be admitted that irrespective of the crowd’s feelings during the raising of the Greek flag on the new Greek Consulate building, the Turkish government in the person of Mr Tsaousoglu showed unreserved remorse for the criminal acts of the crowd. Mr Tsaousoglu proclaimed his government’s sincere respect for the symbol of the Greek nation.