A bold move is needed

How are we going to escape from this awful navel gazing this autumn – the constant questions about who got paid, how much they got and how, who told lies, who appointed whom to which post and why? This isn’t political life, it’s an Eastern bazaar, and state funds and the state itself are the goods up for grabs. The average citizen who is being bombarded with all this can no longer distinguish the truth from the lies and mudslinging, and no longer knows what to accept and what to reject (and, to be honest, most have stopped even caring). We all experienced days of dejection and mistrust during the last few years of PASOK’s reign. And we are now reliving similar experiences under the New Democracy government. The faces may have changed but the fundamental problems remain the same as before, or at least quite similar. And it is pointless quibbling about which regime is worse, as both major parties are responsible for the current state of affairs. In other countries, people try their best to progress or to survive with as few losses or as little damage as possible. Logic and the survival instinct are paramount. Only in this country does there seem to exist such a propensity for self-destruction. Already, Costas Karamanlis’s party appears to be foundering under the weight of petty politics and scandalmongering. A bold initiative needs to be made – and if this means calling early elections, so be it.