October 27, 1955

KARAMANLIS THE MACEDONIAN: Thessaloniki, 26 – Northern Greeks congregated in their capital today from every corner of the countryside and towns to welcome the first Greek prime minister to hail from Macedonia. He was cheered not only by those who have always been supporters of his political faction; people from right across the political spectrum were there to applaud him warmly as a friend… The fact that Constantine Karamanlis’s promotion to the premiership has been met with great satisfaction among the absolute majority of the Greek people who recognize his many virtues has boosted the justified pride of northern Greeks. GEORGE PAPANDREOU: The Liberals’ parliamentary group and its political bureau met yesterday, chaired by party leader George Papandreou. After the meeting a long communique was released criticizing the Karamanlis government because at the first NATO meeting (after the Turkish vandalism against the Greek communities of Istanbul and Izmir) it did not raise Greece’s voice to declare the sacred right of the Cypriot people to self-determination, to condemn the unspeakable barbarity of the Turkish mobs, or to ask all its allies to take a unanimous stand.