October 29, 1955

EPHEMERAL OPPONENTS: His Majesty the King issued the following message to the Greek people yesterday on the occasion of the national holiday: «The long history of the Greek nation is linked with a number of repeated struggles. Today’s anniversary of the war in Albania finds us once again in the midst of a noble and difficult national struggle for the satisfaction of sacred and just claims. When our motherland was forced to fight back then, our main weapons were the implacable decision to make the ultimate sacrifice and the sense of honor and freedom. We had few hopes of victory. Nevertheless, the miracle happened. Greece’s current struggle, although being waged through peaceful means, is just as hard. Let us have no doubt, however, about the result. Victory is certain. (…) Today, when the joint effort unites all Greeks, let us remember how strong we are united, as we were in Albania. Let us keep our minds clear, our souls calm, and remember the joint struggles and the ties that bind us to our current ephemeral opponents, to whom our hearts will once more warm when the Cyprus issue is resolved.»