Wiping the slate clean

Which of the following issues is the most significant: The granting to Greece of the exclusive right to produce cheese trading under the name «feta» following the European Court’s final, uncontestable decision earlier this week? Greece’s ongoing opposition to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s (FYROM’s) attempt to be internationally recognized under the name Macedonia? Or the accusations from certain self-appointed TV prosecutors of the «anti-democratic» behavior of a certain former minister? As a country, we appear to be unable to give our problems the weight they are due. The government has done a bad job of convincing us that it can prioritize its initiatives. Generally, the political world has lost any kind of agenda or sense of balance. As for our media organizations, they just keep arguing about the amount of buzz that yet another insignificant matter is likely to create. Meanwhile, the image of justice is being tarnished by the behavior of its so-called representatives. About 15 years ago, a high-ranking US lawyer involved in chasing down profits from the trade in narcotics warned that Greece would become «a crossroad for money laundering.» And unfortunately things turned out pretty much as she had predicted. It is now time for us to forge a new agenda by wiping the slate clean, re-establishing our priorities and thinking about the impact of our actions on future generations.