Ineffective efforts to purge corruption

The purging of the Church has finished, according to Archbishop Christodoulos. He maintains that the faithful believe in the truth of his words while the «doubting Thomases» pursue a campaign to sweep corruption out of public life – something which, until recently has been little more than hot air. The purging of corruption in the field of soccer – which countless ministers and sports federation chiefs have vowed to do in recent years – will be accomplished – just as soon as a Greek team wins the Champions League, or when hell freezes over. Meanwhile, efforts to conduct a similar purging of the justice sector will gain credibility just as soon as all – and I mean all – judges start submitting their pothen esches declarations, determining the sources of the assets and when «celebrity» lawyers stop giving the impression that television studios serve as courtrooms. And catharsis in the field of journalism will be achieved once newspaper and TV channel chiefs realize that the public regarded the recent strike by reporters as a blessing rather than a scourge. As for catharsis in politics, the politicians themselves have undertaken that, so there is no cause for concern; they will set up a committee of «uncorruptible» officials who will assign projects, one by one, to an experienced private company.