December 3, 1955

‘DEMOCRATIC CENTER’: Yesterday at 10.30 p.m., there was a meeting of the political bureau of the Liberal Democratic Union (FDE) for a briefing on talks held by its leader Sophocles Venizelos with (the leader of the Liberals) Mr George Papandreou on cooperation between parties and political groups of the Democratic Center during the coming elections. (…) Once the FDE and the liberals reach agreement, the other parties and groups will be invited to join with them. (…) At the same time, Mr Papandreou met with the EPEK party’s parliamentary representative, Mr Savvas Papapolitis, and that of the Farmers’ Party, Mr Alexandros Baltatzis, whom he informed of the efforts made by himself and Mr Venizelos in this direction. SEV: The acting head of the Association of Greek Industrialists, Mr K. Kefalas, said yesterday with regard to the question of wages that a general increase would have damaging effects whose repercussions would be felt first of all by wage earners themselves. «Industry is always well-disposed toward wage earners… since it is understood that the efforts of employers and employees are directed toward mutual benefit.»