December 5, 1955

PROCLAMATION BY DIGENIS: According to reports from Cyprus, the following proclamation by Digenis, the head of the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA), has been circulating throughout the island: «The British have recently been attempting to create confusion and dissension among our ranks in order to dissipate our struggle. Agents of the British government are saying that anarchist elements have infiltrated our ranks and that we are losing control of the struggle. The purpose of these scurrilous rumors is clear. Our struggle is being waged with absolute discipline. Moreover, correspondents from British newspapers have reported that EOKA has distanced itself from Archbishop Makarios. We categorically deny this. EOKA is an organization whose members are fighting on the front line for the liberation of Cyprus. The archbishop is for the organization the sacred symbol of the struggle. We have absolutely no political ambitions nor other goals other than the freedom of Cyprus. We will continue the struggle alongside and in line with our ethnarch’s policy. We will only stop when a solution is forthcoming for the Cyprus issue that is acceptable to Makarios.»