December 7, 1955

AMERICAN AID: The prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, announced yesterday evening that the amount of American aid to Greece during the current financial year 1955-56 will reach 76.6 million dollars, which it is hoped will be increased next year by another 12.2 million dollars in farm products to be distributed to people without means. The drachma contribution of American aid to this current budget and the reconstruction program has been agreed to be 1,400 million drachmas. After the announcement it is now possible to table the current budget and proceed with major productive works without any risk to fiscal or monetary stability. At the same time, despite cuts being made, the necessary credits to maintain our army at its current force are secured. MINOTIS-PAXINOU: National Theater Organization, Royal Theater of Athens; tomorrow, Thursday, at 8.30 p.m. sharp. Shakespeare’s «Hamlet,» translated by Vassilis Rotas, directed by Alexis Minotis; music by Manos Hadjidakis. Starring Alexis Minotis as Hamlet and Katina Paxinou as Gertrude. RODIS ROUFOS: New books: «Proceeding in the Dark, the Chronicle of of a Crusade» by Rodis Provelengios, Athens 1955.