December 13, 1955

KARAMANLIS AND TURKEY: The government reached important decisions yesterday in order to deal with Turkey’s escalating provocations and repeated attacks on Greek fishing boats. These decisions were made personally by the prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, and announced in the following press releases from the Navy General Staff: «With regard to the recent incidents on the sea border between Greece and Turkey, the prime minister has ordered the following: a) extra coast guard vessels to support Greek fishing boats outside Turkish territorial waters, and b) any violation of Greek territorial waters by Turkish patrol boats to be dealt with in ways similar to the Turkish actions. The prime minister has lodged a protest with the Turkish government over the criminal actions of the Turkish coast guard against Greek fishermen and the seizure of the fishing boat Aghios Nikolaos.» CYPRUS: London, 12 – British troops in Cyprus yesterday began a broad cleanup operation. NEW BOOKS: «Closed Skies,» a novel by Nestor Matsas, Mavridis Publications, 1955.