An ineffectually moderate stance

The stance of opposition PASOK regarding the government’s proposed changes to public utilities (DEKO) is particularly interesting in view of its moderate nature – especially as it relates to possible changes to the employment market (including a farewell to jobs for life). And PASOK chief George Papandreou has adopted this moderate stance despite calls from several high-ranking cadres in his party for the opposition to reject the government’s policy for DEKO reforms. The fact that Papandreou has not rushed to exploit a serious matter for petty political reasons could be deemed as being to his credit, particularly when one bears in mind that the opposition party is home to certain «old school» cadres and Simitis supporters just looking for an opportunity to discredit the New Democracy government. However, Papandreou and a few of his close associates evidently do not want to ignore the problems crippling public utilities. They are apparently aware of the fact that the DEKO problem will only serve to further aggravate the country’s fiscal situation if it remains unsolved. For this reason, Papandreou does not want to condemn Costas Karamanlis’s government for its proposed reforms. But the opposition leader must shoulder the blame for failing to impose upon his party a clear policy as it relates to the major problems burdening our public finances.