Did any low-income workers win a home in the Olympic Village?

About a year ago, an acquaintance of mine began to brag how he had a «meson» (connection) that had secured him a house in the Olympic Village. I found this difficult to believe – not that they had rigged it for him to win in the lottery, but more that there were no subsequent checks as to whether he really deserved the house. This is a couple that both work, have only one child, own an apartment in central Athens and land in northern Athens where they were going to build a new home if they did not get the «free» house. I was appalled that they would even consider taking a house for low-income workers when they so clearly did not qualify – but the opportunity was there and no one but me seemed to feel this was shameful. What I want to know is – did anyone who is a low-income worker actually win a home in the Olympic Village? FIONA MACFARLANE, Athens.