December 16, 1955

THEOTOKIS-MACMILLAN: Paris, 15 – According to a reliable source, the foreign ministers of Greece and Great Britain – Mr Spyros Theotokis and Mr Harold Macmillan respectively – will continue their talks during this evening’s dinner (in honor of foreign ministers of NATO member states) at the Quai d’Orsay. During his talks with Mr Theotokis yesterday, Mr Macmillan asked the Greek government, as a way of facilitating Greek-British negotiations, to exercise all its influence to bring a halt to the «terrorist» acts by Cypriot patriots. British-Greek differences over the Cyprus issue are not restricted to terminology regarding recognition of the right to self-determination, but extend to the question of the status of internal autonomy during the interim period until the implementation of self-determination, that is the composition and proportional representation in the Cypriot Parliament, the extent of the British governor’s jurisdiction and the composition of the provisional government. KARAMANLIS AND TURKEY: The government reached important decisions yesterday in order to deal with Turkey’s escalating provocations and repeated attacks on Greek fishing boats.