December 17, 1955

OBTUSENESS: (From a commentary in Kathimerini) «If what is being reported from Paris on the Cyprus issue is true – and it is – the foreign ministers of the three guarantor states of the Atlantic Alliance are being extremely obtuse (Ed. note: The reference is to John Foster Dulles of the US, Harold Macmillan of the UK and Antoine Pinay of France). Mr Macmillan is doing his job trying to convince Mr Dulles that Britain is offering the Cypriots a constitution, liberties and autonomy so that his country will not face charges at the United Nations of acting despotically and brutally toward the islanders in its colony. Mr Dulles, however, must be either extremely gullible or fanatically anti-Cypriot if he is satisfied that the assurances of his British counterpart will silence the international outcry over the shameful methods being used by their allies in Cyprus to suppress its Greek population’s liberation movement. The US secretary of state’s advisers have turned once more against Greece and Cyprus instead of against the main culprit for the current upheaval, revealing an astonishing ignorance of a reality with an unavoidable outcome.