December 20, 1955

THE TURKISH VIEW: (Report by I.P. Dimitrakopoulou): An astonishing official memorandum from the Turkish Foreign Ministry regarding the events of September 6, 1955 and the Cyprus issue has been sent by the Turkish government to all embassies and diplomatic representatives – apart from theose of Greece and the Soviet Union – in the Turkish capital. It has given rise to great concern and displeasure in Athens. The memorandum contains false and insulting phrases about Greece and the Greek government and clearly shows the two faces of the Turkish government, which in its contacts with the Greek government has tried to persuade it of its deep regret over the vandalism in Istanbul and Izmir against Greek community property. DEMONSTRATIONS: Six police officers and demonstrators were seriously injured and several more sustained slight injuries during yesterday’s student demonstration which took place despite a ban by the government. I.M. PANAYIOTOPOULOS: New books: «People and Texts» by I.M. Panayiotopoulos, Estia Publications, Ioannis D. Kollaros and Co, Athens, 1955.